Jane Karchmar's Visionary Art Studio


I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, with my husband, Noel Derrick. There always seems to be a painting in progress, no matter what else is happening in my life.

I have been looking after my own salvation with diligence for about fifty years. My Path still stretches on . . . and on. While on the Path, I have meditated, practised yoga, practised martial arts, studied just about everything, chanted, given birth, painted, and earned a living. I am a book editor.

Almost all of my training in art has been life drawing. I preferred to develop a painting style on my own. The paintings themselves are acrylic on masonite and measure around three by four feet. They are scattered throughout Canada and the US, with one in Mexico.

Mail Jane Karchmar,   38 Churchill Street,
Kingston,   Ontario K7M 2K5,   Canada
Phone 613-548-4926
e-mail karchmar@cogeco.ca

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