No.14: Girl Running


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The landscape is barren except for one dead tree in the background, which rises out of the centre of a small volcano. Radiating from the mouth of the volcano are cracks that cover the whole area for miles around. One of these cracks appears to be in pursuit of the girl, who is running at great speed, barely avoiding the flames arising from the open crack under her feet. She wears a scant blue dress to allow freedom of movement, and loosely holds a red electrical cord that is attached to a cheetah running just behind her.

Growth usually occurs by leaps and bounds interspersed with plateaus. Here the girl is moving fast and she has lots of help--a volcano and her cheetah, which is her "power animal." The cat of #5 and #9 has now been completely transformed into her ally, helper, and ox-goad.

The volcano is not life threatening, but is just dangerous enough to keep her moving. We are never given more than we can master, although we may have to exert ourselves considerably.

If we can see how the seemingly negative situations in life are really there for us to grow against, we can move very quickly indeed. [SOLD]

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