No 39:  Girl Unplugged



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The Girl, dressed in yellow, sits cross-legged on the ground and holds three plugs that issue from her heart chakra. She has choices for plugging back in; there is an outlet on a small tree in the background and on a white bird that hovers above her, and we can imagine that there are others hidden from view. One outlet in the ground is occupied by a confusion of wire that raises a frayed end hopelessly from the tangle to the sky.

At times we become disconnected; it happens. We become disconnectd from love, from Spirit, from our True Selves. We can even lose our centre.

The good news is that it is always temporary, since we are surrounded by opportunities to reconnect. The choices are not always easy ones, however. We can choose to take the high road, or the low road, or a road somewhere in between.

Agonizing over choices gets us nowhere. It is best to simply keep meditating and leave the rest to the Universe. In time, we will find that we have moved into the right choices effortlessly.

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