No 42: The hug.


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The Girl is now a mother and a grandmother. She hugs her daughter while her granddaughter wants to play. They all wear clothing in shades of dusty rose, a colour associated with the heart chakra.

One of the most intense ways of expressing love is through a heartfelt hug. We give and receive at the same time, heart to heart. Energy is exchanged.

Spiritual growth need not be through an arduous program of meditation and prayer, nor through living in a cave in seclusion, nor through following an important guru or teacher. Much growth can occur in “the marketplace”—in coping mindfully with the situations of everyday life.

We begin by loving those closest to us—our parents, our partners, our children—and slowly but surely our love extends beyond this little circle. In time, we find ourselves feeling unconditional love for animals, strangers, and even persons who are completely different than we are in every way.

And it all begins with a hug.

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