No 42: The Duet.

 43.  THE DUET

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The seated Girl plays a cello in an empty room. Standing next to her is a masked woman who is playing a violin; the two instruments are linked by a cord. Both wear bright, cheerful orange dresses, and their hair is nearly the same shade. Hanging on the wall between the two musicians is a picture of the head of a tiger.

Our Death is always with us. She sits next to us on the bus; she shares a cup of coffee with us in the morning; she enjoys a movie with us; she never leaves our side. We might just as well make friends with her; we might just as well play in harmony.

Death wears a mask because she has no face. With the mask, she looks very much like us, so she tends to blend into the background. But we are connected by a sort of umbilical cord.

When the time comes, step into the beyond with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

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