No 44: The Burning Bush.


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The Girl is planting seeds that eventually grow into burning bushes. She is dressed for planting seeds, wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt. As she drops a seed, she focuses her sight on a cobra positioned just in front of her. A lotus grows in its coils.

It is not necessary to be a Bodhisattva to begin planting the seeds of Love. And as they grow, they become infused with Spirit. As we learn our lessons of forgiveness and compassion, we can begin to share that energy. As we meditate and become calm and loving, we can plant that seed in others. We can do this in many ways: by example, by teaching, by writing our experiences . . . we do it in the way best suited to our abilities. And then, once the seed is planted, Spirit does the rest.

A Bodhisattva will continue planting the seeds until the universe is a forest burning with Love. (SOLD)

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